Pueblo Corporate Council (PCC)

Broomfield is primarily a residential community, but does maintain several corporate enclaves. Families here are firmly middle class, and the streets are generally quiet. The region is on the northeastern border of the main Denver sprawl, and the mountains are clearly visible to the west. PuebSec maintains a firm grip on what little crime is found in this area.

South of Broomfield, Westminster is an upper-middle class region. A seemingly endless series of upscale, gated communities enclose fairly well secured housing. While the communities themselves are fairly safe, the streets are characterized by constant ganger activity. Most of the gangs are the poser children of corporate drones, but the Godz have been known to recruit here. Recruitment nights also tend to draw PuebSec attention. Southeast of Westminster, Federal Heights looks down on downtown Denver, but up at the Rockies to the west. This scenic area has become dominated with upscale housing. Here, the well to do of the PCC sector endlessly compete to see who can build
the most excessive home with the most beautiful view. PuebSec knows that the people signing their paychecks make their homes in this area, and the security level is proportionate to that fact.

Across I-36, to the southwest of Federal Heights, are the Arvada Barrens. When the Anglos left, this region turned into a ghost town. Then things really went downhill. Dozens of painstakingly constructed planned communities have been overrun by gangers and squatters. The, once beautiful, landscaping has been long since destroyed by violence and debris. The area is crowded with the descendants of those who stubbornly refused to leave and with those who found their way here through ill fortune.

Golden, to the southwest of Arvada, is most famous as the home of Coors brewery. The brewery remains the largest employer in this area, and with their continued economic success, the area has become both a corporate enclave and an Anglo holdout. Because of the high Anglo population, PuebSec maintains only a minimal security rating for the area. In response to this, all of the corporations and many of the neighborhoods have contracted with other firms for additional security. ‘Runs that venture into Golden can be a real mixed bag.

Wheat Ridge and Edgewater are both lower middle class suburban districts south of Arvada. They are primarily residential areas, but there are a few corporate facilities spread throughout. The busiest spot in the area is probably the casino at Lakeside Amusement Park. PuebSec keeps these sleepy neighborhoods pretty safe, but it’s not uncommon for go-gangs from Arvada to head into them and shake things up.

Further south, Lakewood is a thoroughly industrialized urban region packed with low income housing. Most of the predominantly ork and dwarf population work in this regions factories, and live in its homes. Lakewood is also home to the Lakewood Correctional Institute. “The Can” is the largest and highest security prison in the PCC. The Koshari maintain a very steady income through chip and narcotic sales in Lakewood.

South of Lakewood is the much more prestigious region of Littleton. The corporate up-and-comers who can’t quite afford housing in Federal Heights often live here. Sprawling ranches and getaway resorts are interspersed with the high priced housing. PuebSec works hard to keep the lower class residents of Lakewood from venturing in to disturb the peaceful residents here.

Pueblo Corporate Council (PCC)

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