Denver Politics

NAN and ended the war between the old USA and the Amerindian population. As one of the concessions of the war, it Denver was created as the Front Range Free Zone (FRFZ). A place where citizens of the Ute, Sioux, Aztlan, Pueblo Corporate Council (PCC), and United States of America could freely intermingle. Citizens of the FRFZ were immune to taxation by any of these nations. Instead, they were governed by the Council of Denver. Each of the 5 signatory nations had the right to appoint one council member.

That worked about as well as you might expect. The only thing the council could universally agree on was to tax the hell out of the city’s inhabitants. (flat 15% income tax, 10% VAT) The Ute, Sioux, and PCC councilors quickly formed a voting bloc, which enabled them to control most decisions in the city.

Things continued to deteriorate until 2023 when the United Canadian and American States (UCAS) decided it’d had enough. They sketched out a “sector” of the city and built a wall around it. The other 4 signatories promptly took similar actions.

In 2034, the Confederated American States (CAS) seceded from the UCAS. To accommodate this split, the UCAS Sector was split into two parts. The CAS was then given a voting spot on the Council. Because votes needed to be won by a simple majority, and there were now 6 council members, there was suddenly a large problem
with tie votes.

In December of 2061, Ghostwalker came back to Denver. He claimed the city as his lair, annihilated the Aztlan Sector, and kicked the survivors out. This event, rather neatly, returned the council to an odd number of voters, and resolved the problem of ties. However, Ghostwalker also announced that the council ruled only with his permission. He had the council create the Zone Defense Force (ZDF). The ZDF is a military group created out of an equal number of troops
from each of the 5 (remaining) treaty nations. The ZDF answers directly to Ghostwalker and has authority in all sectors of Denver.

In 2067, the Ute nation was absorbed by the PCC. When this happened, the Ute lost their seat on the Council and that sector came under PCC rule. This left the Council of Denver Representatives at 4 members. All council meetings also include Ghostwalker’s representative, an ork shaman named
Nicholas Whitebird.

Denver Politics

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