Confederated American States (CAS)

The area that was once downtown Denver has become a series of closely guarded international borders. The downtown area still has its Millionaire’s row homes and an aura of gentility.. However, with the partitioning off of “The Hub,” many of these homes lost their convenient access to the business district. That was bad for realty, and bad for many of the small shops and restaurants in the area. This area now shows a stark contrast with squatters living in dilapidated buildings interspersed with elaborately fenced off mansions. It’s a booming area for security services.

South of downtown is the campus of the University of Denver and the neighborhood of Englewood. This area has a distinct college town feel. There are dozens of small bars, eateries, used clothing shops, and even stores where you can find old paper books. There’s a fair bit of drug trafficking through Englewood, and an awful lot of low-rent housing. Back in the ‘50’s, this was part of the Aztlan district. It’s still rumored that refugees hide out in ancient tunnels under this district. Both Wuxing and Saeder-Krupp have established corporate offices atop the ruins of old Aztechnology buildings in this area.

Southeast of Englewood is the Chinatown district of Denver. This area is an eclectic mix of Western and Eastern architecture, philosophy, and language. While the area is popular with tourists during the daylight hours, neither Knight Errant nor wary natives venture in here after dark. The Denver Triads control this area, and they have a strict policy about letting foreign devils into their territory.

Directly south of Chinatown is Greenwood Village. If you follow the trail of money through the CAS sector, most of it leads directly to Greenwood. The area is made up of sprawling homes on huge lots. If you’re looking for people from the gossip column of the FRFZ Voice, then this is the place to look.

Just west of Greenwood is Littleton, which is primarily made up of gated corporate communities. Quality of housing is directly proportionate to placement within the corporate hierarchy. Here, good wageslaves can raise their families under corporate protection, without fear of exposure to “the bad element.” Incidentally, the Denver Yakuza make a killing on the narcotics business in this area.

To the southeast of Centennial airport is Parker, an area that epitomizes middle-class suburbia at its worst. This district is home to high-quality education, low crime rates, and an inordinate number of Humanis Policlubbers.

Confederated American States (CAS)

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