SR4: To Live and Die in the Mile-High City

Run 03: The Grab

...forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us

The Dirt
The team is tasked with the kidnapping of a young girl, followed by delivery to a second team.

The Catch
The child is protected physically and electronically – care must be taken to avoid harming her during the extraction.

The Run
Things start off with a bang as the runners and Ms. Johnson are ambushed outside the Rattlesnake Cafe by a squad of Godz gangers. The team rolls out in force, killing many of the thugs (including the lieutenant). The Johnson, called “Lady Jade,” offers thanks and a 10% bonus. Weasel loots a custom Super Warhawk, and Egg renounces a life of public transportation by comandeering one of the ganger’s bikes.

With little solid information to go on besides the target’s name, investigation is called for. A combination of sleuthing and bribing reveals the girl’s home address. Aleph Null and Weasel stake out the house and crack the building’s PAN. Astral wards, outdoor cameras, and window sensors reveal a surprising level of security. They call it a night after six hours and set a watcher spirit to monitor the girl’s location. “Showbiz” Joe comes through with some discount laes with which to subdue her.

The next day, the spirit notifies Weasel about the girl’s departure, and the team surmises that she is being taken to school. Egg bribes a local cop contact to track the family sedan. When it appears that the bodyguard has stopped for breakfast, the group moves to intercept him. A tussle outside the diner draws unwelcome attention, but the man is soon subdued and everyone piles into his modified vehicle. They drive out to the Aurora Mall for six hours, where Weasel and Aleph Null kill time by winning a geocaching competition, and Egg babysits the bodyguard in the car.

When school lets out in the afternoon, the team drive out to pick up little Catherine. On the way, they drop the bodyguard off at the Cherry Creek Park. Egg deftly yanks her into the backseat but cannot quickly inject her with the sedative. Only after Weasel reaches back to help can the troll manage to sedate the panicked child. All that is left is to drive to the Warrens…

Although Aleph Null had the foresight to disable the image recording unit in the girl’s cybereyes, no one thought to check for tracking devices. The signal from the chip embedded in her left ankle allowed a paramilitary unit to intercept the group as they were driving out of the CAS. A rigged Ares Dragon helicopter, with a mounted HMG and a rappelling troll, moved to attack. Gunfire from the machine gun severely damages Aleph Null’s expensive Doble Revolution, so he falls back to make himself less of a target. Weasel summons a powerful air spirit to wreak havoc on the heli pilot, and Egg does his best to keep the car safe.

The enemy troll jumps down to the car and breaks into the backseat, although Weasel and Egg give him a hard time with gel rounds and sideswipes. The machine gunner stops firing and tries to dispel the air spirit, succeeding only after the elemental sucked the pilot out of the cockpit. Aleph Null takes advantage of the quiet to hack into the helicopter, directing it to return home before plugging out. With the aerial threat gone, Egg brings the car to a quick stop and, with Weasel’s timely remembering of his ability to cast spells, force the enemy troll to surrender.

The crew beat a quick path to the rendezvous site in the Aurora Warrens, where they meet the Black Cats. The handoff goes smoothly, and the Cats even help repair the damaged motorcycle. Lady Jade comes through with the payment; all’s well that ends well!

The Rest

  • News reports claim that during a standoff between kidnappers and Lone Star authorities, an unidentified sniper took the life of young Catherine Westmore. Although all kidnappers were killed during the confrontation, the shooter remains at large.
  • Lady Jade is deeply angered by what happened to the girl, but does not hold any of the team responsible. She is available as a contact (Loyalty 2 / Connection 3 Arms Dealer).
  • The Godz will hold a grudge for the bloody nose they received: -1 Standing.



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