SR4: To Live and Die in the Mile-High City

Run 01: A Parliament of Thieves

Runners without Borders

The Dirt
Four runners were contracted by a bigwig in the Koshari Council (Pueblo crime syndicate) to make a discrete delivery across the sprawl to a bigwig in the Chavez family Mafia in a matter of hours.

The Catch
Other Denver elements attempted to derail the crew, knowingly and unknowingly, through coercion and violence.

The Run
Things got off to a bump when a group of rowdy bikers tried to accost the runners. Easily thwarted, they slunk away…biding their time. The team decided to drive a convoy of bikes and a van through Denver. Getting through the first checkpoint was a breeze, but during a traffic snarl, two groups of thugs approached the van, one Yakuza, one Triad. Attempts to purchase the package were rebuffed, and before any gangster could push back, one of the Triad’s handguns went off, striking Yakuza tough Jonny Ono. A firefight between the gangs ensued, at which point the runners made good their escape. The incident closed with poor Jonny getting run over by an out-of-control car.

The second checkpoint was uneventful for all but Weasel, who drew suspicion when he mentioned the Lakeside Amusement Park. He was detained and questioned but ultimately released with a warning. The rest of the team encountered a squad of bikers from the Fronts gang, intent on revenge. Good driving and wild shooting quickly shut the go-gangers down, and the team reunited at the Chavez manor.

The Rest

  • Package was delivered securely and on time. The runners did not discover its contents.
  • Both the Koshari and the Chavez Mafia are pleased with the results: +1 standing with both factions. Furthermore, Mark Longfeather and Michael are now Loyalty 1 contacts.
  • The Yakuza have lost face following the death of Jonny Ono, leading some to speculate that they will retaliate against the Triads, whom they blame for the debacle.
  • Likewise, the Fronts go-gang has become the laughingstock of the sprawl after one of their squads was brought down on the road. They know exactly who to blame: -1 standing.



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